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Businesses and individuals can look to the experienced accounting professionals of Abo and Company, LLC and its affiliate, Abo Cipolla Financial Forensics, LLC, for dedicated services that support financial success. Some of our CPAs and staff, headquartered in Mount Laurel, NJ, have more than 45 years of expert knowledge and experience in tax and business accounting including niche forensic accounting services to meet our clients’ needs.

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Professional Accounting Services

We provide an array of services to target the immediate and long term financial goals of businesses and individuals. Abo and Company, LLC and Abo Cipolla Financial Forensics, LLC offer combined expertise and insight to help you gain a greater understanding of your finances, and enjoy more agency in business operations as well as personal finances. During initial consultations, we try to tailor recommended services for long-term success.

Our accounting and consulting services include:

- Tax Preparation and Planning
- Forensic Accounting and Valuations
- IRS Audit and State Audit Support
- Litigation Support 
- Dispute Resolution
- Part-time CFO services 
- QuickBooks Training and Installation

Why Consider Mount Laurel CPA Firm? 

The CPAs and staff at Abo and Company, LLC provide comprehensive support, whether clients are seeking basic tax planning help or have complex accounting and financial needs. For valuations, litigation support, and forensic accounting, our affiliate, Abo Cipolla Financial Forensics, LLC works proactively with your team to provide assistance when a matter arises. We are proud to be considered by many of our attorney clients and the judiciary as an extension of their office plus a trusted resource for them to easily tap into to access our various accounting, tax, forensic and valuation services. 

Mount Laurel, NJ Accounting Firm

Why Consider Mount Laurel CPA Firm? 

The CPAs and staff at Abo and Company, LLC and Abo and Cipolla Financial Forensics, LLC offer clients the benefit of years of expertise in serving the legal and business community throughout the Northeast region - in Mount Laurel as well as all other towns of South Jersey and Philadelphia suburbs. We provide not only niche services such as litigation support, forensic accounting, and valuations, but offer our small business clients services that provide a strong foundation for organized financial success.

This is one Mount Laurel based CPA firm which touts that “we know what we know; we know what we don’t know, and, equally important, we know who knows what we don’t know”. By working closely with our clients and their advisors, we can determine what we can help with and, when warranted, who we might recommend bringing on board so that you receive all of the support and services you require. At Abo and Company, LLC and Abo Cipolla Financial Forensics, LLC, our top priority is providing clients with the tools needed to ensure they meet their legal and financial goals.

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If you are looking for forensic accounting, valuation, or other tax and business services, contact the Mount Laurel CPA’s of Abo and Company, LLC and Abo Cipolla Financial Forensics, LLC today. We can get you back on the right track, and allow you to focus on achieving personal and business financial goals and running your business. As we mentioned, we proudly provide experienced accounting and consulting services to communities throughout Burlington, Camden, Mercer, Gloucester and other counties of South Jersey and all over the metropolitan Philadelphia tri-state area as well as the metropolitan New York tri state area.

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