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Welcome to the Abo and Company, LLC Client Portal!

We are very excited to offer this new service to our clients via our website!  Whether you're at work, home, or on vacation you can always have access to your tax returns, financial statements, or other sensitive documents.

What is the client portal?

Think of your portal as a cloud drive to send and receive files directly to and from us without using email, overnight delivery, or regular mail. The Client Portal allows you to securely view Tax Returns, Financial Statements and Other Deliverables. Our Client Portal also allows you to easily send files to us such as QuickBooks and Scanned Tax Documents.

What about paper copies?

If you would like a hard copy of any document stored in your portal call or email us today.

How long is your data stored?

You have complete access to your data and may remove it from the portal at any time. Abo and Company, LLC also has access to your information and it will be kept on our server according to our own record retention policy.

Why is this better than e-mail?

There are two main reasons: security and file size limits. Most e-mail clients have a size file limit of 10-20mb, this is not the case with the Client Portal. Some examples of large include Quickbooks Files, PDF's of tax returns, and supporting documents. Another limitation of e-mail is that you must encrypt and password protect your file before you sending it; with a Client Portal you just have to select the file and let the portal take care of the encryption.

How will you know when a file becomes available?

Any time a new file is placed in your portal you will receive an e-mail notification from Abo and Company, LLC. This e-mail will contain a link that will take you straight to the login page of the portal, where you may enter your e-mail address and password to access your documents.

How do you access the client portal?

The client portal is a secure website, you may access it through any web browser, preferably Internet Explorer 7 or higher. Abo and Company, LLC will create an account for you and provide instructions on logging into the system.

If you forgot your User ID or Password?

Your User ID is your e-mail address.  If you forgot what email address you used call or email us today.

You can reset your password any time.  Click here then click forgot password.