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Dispute Resolution Services

At Abo and Company, LLC and our affiliate, Abo Cipolla Financial Forensics, LLC headquartered in Mount Laurel, we offer the following dispute resolution services:

  • Preliminary Fact-Finding - Prior to counsel taking on a case, we help in determining a preliminary value of possible damages and the viability of obtaining sufficient financial evidence.
  • Causation of Damages - We help the attorney for the plaintiff in proving that the defendant's actions caused damages. Alternatively, we'll assist the attorney for the defendant to negate such claims.
  • Damage Studies - We will assist the client and counsel by performing forecasts, projections, business valuations or feasibility studies related to a case and consolidating all financial data into economic evidence in an effort to effectively demonstrate the strength of the legal position taken.
  • Trial and Settlement Support - We assist by providing persuasive, articulate and credible expert testimony when required. We will brief the attorneys, litigants or others in the understanding and presentation of financial and economic evidence.

We can analyze financial data and assist in understanding the financial and tax implications of various settlement proposals. We will support cross-examination, scrutinize and comment on the opposition's financial evidence and experts.

We also prepare business valuations for non-litigation purposes, such as:

  • Estate and gift tax
  • Succession planning
  • Investigating and valuing businesses for acquisition or sale

Examples of Cases:

  • Marital dissolutions
  • Insurance claims
  • Reconstruction of missing or incomplete records
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Business valuations
  • Commercial and contract litigation
  • Personal injury and wrongful death claims
  • Business interruption claims
  • Breaches of contract
  • Business acquisition and sales
  • Arbitration and mediation

Just For Lawyers

Although attorneys typically only consult a CPA when a case calls for it, a CPA firm that is already familiar with your work will be better positioned to provide assistance when a case arises. With this in mind, ACFF offers consulting services to our lawyer colleagues even outside of litigation, valuation or forensic services. Our attorney clients often consider us an extension of their office, a resource to call with technical questions, and a place to seek professional insight on any accounting, tax, valuation, investigative or litigation support project.

Curriculum Vitae:

Martin H. Abo, CPA/ABV/CVA/CFF

Joseph P. Cipolla, Jr., CPA/ABV/CFF/PFS/CFE

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