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ID Theft Protection

Recent data breaches in the world have prompted us here at Abo and Company to look into identity theft protection for ourselves.  After conferring with colleagues and researching on our own we decided to sign up the entire firm with IDShield.  We have since been so impressed with their services that we decided to become an advocate for IDShield in order to pass along the protection to our own clients and friends of the firm.

Identity theft can be an easy problem to ignore—until you experience it yourself. With more ways for criminals to obtain your personal information online—and more complex ways to cover their tracks—it’s more important than ever to protect yourself and your assets. IDShield is the only identity theft protection company armed with a team of dedicated licensed private investigators to restore your identity should it ever become compromised.

The Equifax breach is a stark reminder that forces beyond your control can lead to the exposure of your personal information.  It's also an important reminder that everyone needs identity theft protection.  Every year 10 million Americans have their identity stolen. We know how stressful data breaches are and we're here to help.

With IDShield in the event that a member's identity is compromised, you will be assigned your own personal 24/7/365 Kroll private investigator to provide 100% full restoration service of your pre-theft status.  Action taken by a Kroll licensed private investigator on behalf of the member not only resolves known issues, but can also potentially identify and resolve previously unknown identity theft events if any exist.

  • Monitor Identity. Any and all personally identifiable information on a member's behalf to make sure that no one is "touching" you illegally. Everything from SSN to Medical Information. Alerts should they see unwaranted activity (even Black-Market websites). Monthly notices of ongoing monitoring;
  • Identity Consultation and Advice 24/7/365. Unlimited access to identity investigators with questions or assistance you may need;
  • $5 Million Service Guarantee backed by Kroll;
  • Monitor Credit.  Up to ten credit cards and ten bank accounts.  They will provide instantaneous alerts should they see unwarranted activity and at least monthly alerts;
  • Monthly Credit Score Tracker;
  • Secured password manager vault to keep your passwords;
  • Mobile App;
  • And More.


IDShield members can choose between an individual plan for $9.95 per month or a family plan for $24.95 (covering yourself, your spouse, and up to 8 dependents).  IDShield also offers employer plans, as Abo and Company has chosen to do, where the cost is tax-deductible to the employer reducing the net after-tax cost by as much as 54% (i.e. Federal income taxes, state income taxes, and payroll taxes) when providing to employees.

Here's a full list of IDShield's offerings and a comparison against one of their competitors:

Additional information can be found here:


If you're interested and still have questions about providing protection to yourself, your family and your employees, please contact us at or by phone at (856) 222-4723.