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IRS & State Tax Relief

If you owe the IRS or state taxes, we can help!

Have you ever received a letter or notice from the IRS or state and ignored it...and now you owe penalties and fines on top of the taxes you already owed?  You’re not alone.

Millions of taxpayers receive letters or notices from the IRS or their state every year. Most of the time there’s nothing to worry about. But sometimes there is. Maybe you owe the IRS back taxes or failed to file a tax return because you owed the IRS money that you knew you didn’t have. Maybe you were recently divorced, and your tax situation seemed too complicated to figure out. Or, perhaps you were just too busy to bother filing.

Whatever the reason, if the IRS has caught up to you and is demanding payment, the next step is likely to be garnishing your wages, putting a lien on your home or a levy on your bank account. The worst thing you can do is keep ignoring the situation because it won’t be going away--ever unless you take action.

We’ll help you find a fair solution to your tax problem.

We all know that the IRS and other taxing authorities often work in mysterious and complex ways but, based on our years of experience, we can at least assist you getting through the maze and hopefully  mediate a solution on your behalf whether it's filing a past due return, minimizing back tax debt and any penalties or fines, or submitting an offer in compromise.

Our friendly, knowledgeable tax professionals  are here to help you resolve the following tax problems:

  • IRS Audit
  • Back Taxes
  • Delinquent Tax Returns
  • Failure to File a Tax Return
  • IRS Liens & Levies
  • Wage Garnishment

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