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Special Reports & Articles

Defending the Devil: An Expert Witness Tells All

  • We're excited to tell you that Marty Abo is once again featured in a nationally circulated publication, "The Value Examiner." This special issue entitled "High Profile Valuations" stars Marty in "Defending the Devil:  An Expert Witness Tells All".
  • The Value Examiner is the nationally circulated publication of NACVA, the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts, which is the premier organization of  professionals representing the dominant force in the valuation and financial forensic consulting communities.
  • As Senior Editor, Nancy McCarthy, describes it, "We look at the role of the expert witness faced with the challenge of explaining a defendant's business practices and multi-million dollar valuations when that defendant has been all but tried in the court of public opinion."

Practitioner Roundtable: The Journey to a Vibrant Practice

Abo and Company featured in a panel discussion recently published in NACVA's nationally circulated publication "The Value Examiner"

Special Report on Dispute Resolution

  • I Give Up - What Exactly is a "Forensic" Accountant"?
  • How About Some Specific Examples of Dispute Resolution Services
  • Business Valuations Aren't Just Needed in Disputes
  • Perhaps "...Til Death Do Us Part" is a Bit Unrealistic

122 Point Checklist for Buy-Sell Agreements

  • Abo's Hit-list to Consider in the Buy-Sell Valuation or Formula
  • 122 Items to Consider for Buy-Sell Agreements

For What it's Worth: A Special Report on Valuation Issues

  • Valuing Employee Damages
  • Different Values for Different Purposes
  • Protect Your Heirs: Business Valuation and the Estate Plan
  • Factors to Consider in Valuing a Closely Held Business
  • Finding the Value of a Business in a Divorce

What Will Forensic Accountants Consider When Consulted on a Divorce?

Marty Abo interviewed by The American Bar Association for their Family Law Newsletter

A Great Verdict? Perhaps. But the New Tax Math Takes a Huge Bite!

           A look at the taxability of damages, and why a plaintiff might end up with only a tiny fraction of the award.